He’s got a leg up on anything, on everything with a LEGO


Martin Harris hits the road with his award-winning collection of toys

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KENNER, La. (WGNO) – It all started when he was just a kid.

He was four.

That’s when Marin Harris fell in love with a LEGO.

Now, WGNO’s Bill Wood wants you to know, Martin has a leg up on anything, everything with a LEGO.

Martin is a LEGO artist.

A master craftsman with making all kinds of creations, one LEGO at a time.

It all started as a hobby.

And it still is a hobby.

Martin’s got a full-time career in the pharmaceutical world.

But the LEGO is the only toy he ever had as a kid.

It’s the only toy he ever wanted as a kid.

And now it’s the only toy he needs as a big kid.

Martin Harris grew up in England.

He moved to America.

But his suitcase is still packed.

He travels the world.

He shows up on stages to show off his miniature masterpieces.

Like an actor collecting Oscars, Martin is a star-studded award-winning guy himself.

He’s the man who mixes his LEGO lifestyle with Hollywood to make famous movie scenes.

Home is where his heart is.

And for Martin Harris, that’s on the road.

That’s where his address is set in stone.

Built one loveable LEGO at a time.

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