‘He’s going to go down with dignity’: Monument supporter climbs PGT Beauregard statue


Unidentified protester at PGT Beauregard monument climbs statue to clean it

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NEW ORLEANS — A Florida woman who said she’s been in New Orleans since the city removed the Liberty Place monument climbed the PGT Beauregard statue in front of City Park today to clean the monument.

The woman, who did not give her name, was spotted climbing on the statue and spraying the Confederate monument with what she said is D/2 cleaning solution.

“When was the last time you saw the granite sparkle on him? He’s going to go down with dignity, because of me. My money,” she said.

The woman said she’s not here to do any harm and said she is helping to preserve a “memorial … to dead Americans.”

“Confederates were not reinterred in national cemeteries,” she said. “The Union (soldiers) were. Confederates laid in a wasteland. They raised money for this memorial. It’s not a monument. It’s a memorial. To dead Americans!”

Confederate monument supporters from out of state remain at the two monuments that are still standing – the Beauregard statue and the Robert E. Lee monument at Lee Circle.

The city removed the Liberty Place and Jefferson Davis statues overnight with heavy police presence and masked crew members. The removal of the monuments has sparked widespread protest and much divisiveness between people who want to see them come down and people who want them to remain standing.

“I’m an American, like he was an American. One country, one flag. One people … Please move on. Come together with love and unity,” the woman said.

The city plans to remove Beauregard and Lee soon, but officials won’t give details, citing security concerns.


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