He’s a teenager and now a published author! Check out his book and bring crayons

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NEW ORLEANS – In the middle of the mall.

In the middle of most weekends.

Isaac Thaxton is like most teenagers.

He’s headed to the mall, WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood figures, like most kids, just to hang out.

But most kids don’t become one of Wild Bill’s Amazing Kids brought to you by your friends at The Keating Law Firm.

Isaac Thaxton sets up shop in the food court.   He’s got his laptop, his sketch pad and best of all, Isaac’s got his focused mind.

Isaac Thaxton begins to draw attention.

He draws attention probably because of what he begins to draw.

Wild Bill says, “you’re not just hanging out and shopping.”

Isaac Thaxton says “this is my office, my place for creating.”

Fast forward a few months and Isaac Thaxton is the creator in chief of a coloring book.

It’s a book with nine pages.

Nine pages of featuring fun spots around Jefferson Parish.

While he’s at the mall, Isaac takes his book for a test drive.

With kids at the mall.

And based on the first to take a look.

And take to coloring in the book.

It looks like Isaac’s got a bestseller.

A coloring book classic.

Wild Bill wonders, “is this the kind of book you think will inspire kids for generations?”

Isaac Thaxton says, “well, hopefully, at least keep them from crying at the mall.”

The kid who first started drawing the first time he got a crayon in his hand, Issac Thaxton is now a published author.

And now here he goes again

And again, with his crayon.


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