Have you seen this home built to look like a New Orleans streetcar?

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METAIRIE, La. — There are many things we love about New Orleans, including the world-famous streetcar, but would you make your home look like one?

One family in Metairie did just that, and News with a Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez was lucky enough to check out this “streetcar home.”

The olive green painted metal, the lights, and the windows all look like a real Regional Transit Authority (RTA) streetcar.  There are even streetcar tracks leading up to the house.

“The front looks like a real streetcar,” Gisele Bates said.

Bates used to be a streetcar driver, so she should know.

“I think someone from the RTA must own this house.  This home is a streetcar named desire,” she said.

If you’re not looking both ways for this streetcar home, which is on Causeway Boulevard and Arlington Street in Metairie, you just might miss it.

“This home is different.  I’ve never seen a house made out of a streetcar.  I think the owners must love New Orleans.  It is a cute house and it’s very unique,” Bates said.


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