Hard Rock crane implosion now scheduled for Saturday afternoon

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NEW ORLEANS – The City of New Orleans has declared a State of Emergency due to potential tropical cyclone sixteen, and the partial hotel collapse.

This declaration allows the city to move forward at full speed, with the controlled demolition of the Hard Rock cranes.

A private memorial ceremony was held early Friday morning, for the families of the workers who remain trapped in building rubble.

The evacuation zone is growing as the demolition time nears.

Evacuation Map

With that, the controlled demolition is now scheduled for Saturday, around noon.

NOFD Chief Tim McConnell says the enemy right now, is the weather. “We are working as fast as possible, that conditions will allow, weather conditions, and safely. Our goal is to get this done as quick as possible. The engineers are letting us know that they can go 15 minutes after they are finished and it is safe.”

McConnell says the charges will be placed, the zone will be cleared, and then the cranes will come down. “Let me be clear, and I don’t mean to play semantics with you. We are not waiting until then. If we are ready before then, we’re going before then. The rain does not stop us, the wind does not stop us. The only thing that would stop us, is not being finished. But we are not waiting for anything.”


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