Hannah & Anna. Graduating high school seniors. Why do their report cards look just alike?

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GRETNA, La –  It’s report card time.

For the Class of 2019, it’s time for the final report card.

WGNO News with a Twist fun guy Wild Bill Wood discovers two students whose report cards look just alike.

That’s what makes them Wild Bill’s Amazing Kids brought to you by the Keating Law Firm.

The students are students for a few more moments at least at Thomas Jefferson High School in Gretna, Louisiana.

Principal Andrew Vincent says, “they’re just fine examples of what high school students are in Jefferson Parish.”

He’s the  principal who has just a few more moments with his seniors.

These are kids ready to graduate.

Hannah Milhet.

And Anna Pham are right there among them.

Hannah and Anna have more in common than side-by-side-seats in AP Calculus class.

And it’s something more than names that sound almost the same.

Anna Pham and Hannah Milhet are the only two members of their school’s Class of 2019 to earn all “A’s”.

And that’s all the way from first grade to right now.

Wild Bill wonders and asks Hannah Milhet, “was there ever a time you thought you might actually get a “B”?

Hannah does remember a time way back in seventh grade when she was taking a history test.

She did not know the date of the Boston Tea Party.

She came ever so close to getting a dreaded “B” on her report card.

It did not happen then.

Or ever.

Now,  Hannah heads to college to study civil engineering.

Anna’s plan is take on bio-chemistry.  Twelve years of nothing but “A’s” gives you the license to give advice.

Anna says her best advice is just don’t get stressed, no matter what life hands you.

All “A’s” all-the-time is a hard-to-imagine dream that never comes true for most of us.

For Hannah Milhet and Anna Pham, it’s what happens when you work hard.

And when your names sound similar.

And your report cards look just alike.



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