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PONCHATOULA, La –  In this city,  at Ponchatoula High School, when you hear “Hail to the Chief” echoing through the hall, you know somebody is on the way.

And you know exactly who that someone is.

He is Elijah Kinchen.

And Elijah Kinchen is President Elijah Kinchen.

He’s eighteen.

And he’s been elected to lead his senior class.

That’s the Class of 2019.

That’s why WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood wants you to meet Elijah Kinchen.

And he’s now one of Wild Bill’s Amazing Kids brought to you by your friends at the Keating Law Firm

Elijah Kinchen says, “when they heard that I was going for President, everybody said ‘oh Elijah, oh, no one else!’ because  that’s who I am as a person.”

Wild Bill Wood wonders and asks the President of Ponchatoula High School, “is it too late for me to vote for you?”

And Elijah Kinchen says to Wild Bill, “oh it sure is not.”

He’s a politician, all right.

But politics is not his only high note.  Elijah takes his spot as tenor in Advanced Choir Class at Ponchatoula High.

In this choir,  high school kids belt out Broadway tunes.  You’d think you were sitting in a Broadway theater.  In fact, you’re sitting in front of a class full of future Broadway stars.

Back to Elijah.  He’s moved on from singing to statistics.  In fact in his statistics class, Elijah Kinchen, the high school senior, studies like a college student.  That’s probably because he’s getting college credit taking his statistics class.

And when he’s done here, he moves on to work on the yearbook.

That’s yet another class for the President of Class of 2019.

Wherever he is.

Whatever class he’s in.

Elijah shows, whatever “it” is, he’s got “it”.

And that makes Wild Bill Wood wonder, “what drives you?”

Elijah says “everything you do needs to be done in an excellent spirit, anything you do, do unto the Lord.

Wild Bill says, “you are blessed and you are a blessing.”

Elijah says, ” just knowing that Jesus is with me is what motivates me the most.”

He’s got faith.

And at Ponchatoula, high school kids have faith in their President.

Because faith is what Elijah Kinchen has.