#GumboWars: Is South Louisiana too sensitive about food?

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ATLANTA — Atlanta’s mayor-elect is taking a lot of heat over a Christmas Day tweet touting her Zatairain’s gumbo base.

Keisha Lance Bottoms, Atlanta’s next mayor, said on her Twitter page that the only thing she’s “lovin’ from New Orleans today is the Zatairain’s Gumbo base.” (Obviously, she’s still a little bitter over the Christmas Eve dirty bird gumbo the Saints made in the Superdome.)

The responses to her tweet came from far and wide and all walks of life, with many people chiding her for using a base instead of making her own roux.

It’s not the first time South Louisiana has been fired up on the internet over recipes from outsiders.

Remember the Disney gumbo? Kale and quinoa?

How about the “Cajun” red beans and rice recipe from Food & Wine?

Are South Louisianans justified in defending their sacred cuisine? Or do we all need to lighten up a little?


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