Gretna Police say just one arrest– solved 29 car burglaries


Gretna, LA –   With a suspect who “agreed to cooperate,” Gretna Police say they’ve solved 29 car burglaries– and 4 stolen car cases– in just one arrest.

According to a statement released Thursday (Jan. 9), a detective spotted 19 year-old Dontell Jones, whom the police say had been identified on video breaking into cars.

But when Jones was taken into custody, he “confessed” to the unusually high number of burglaries — and even “accompanied detectives and pointed out the locations where he committed (the) crimes.”

Gretna police say that Jones’ only other arrests on record were for theft in 2016 and 2017.

Jones is now booked on 29 counts of burglary and four counts of car theft.



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