NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — After an overnight stay in the hospital during the weekend, Steve Gleason is back at home and still all smiles. The former Saints safety announced on Sept. 16 that he was headed to the ER after displaying possible signs of pneumonia.

He tweeted Saturday, that it had been five years since he was last in a hospital. Due to his low sodium levels and the risk of seizure and brain swelling, his personal team of doctors officially admitted him.

Gleason tweeted on Sunday expressing his gratitude for the care he received during his stay:

“I have a great team of docs & the Ochsner team during my stay have given us solid info that will guide us for the rest of this life. Most awesomely my care crew has risen to the challenge. Beau, Jenni, Kyle & Mic. Ochsner was so impressed! Dr. Edwards came by on his off day!”

Pictures posted Monday, show Gleason hoping in their “new ride” heading home and back with his wife and children.

“Finally got discharged late yesterday afternoon & it was so glorious to see the clouds outside the hospital. Fell right in with our family. Here’s a couple pics. You can see our new ride! A Ram Promaster. Gray Gray being Gray Gray. She’s perfect. May you never lose your fire sis.”