Glass artist demonstrates how to create glass art at Renaissance Fest


HAMMOND (WGNO)– Mark Haller is a glass artist who uses glass to create a variety of items.

“I’ve taught myself to make a lot of vessels, chalices, mugs, necklaces, and paper weights,” he said.

He gives demonstrations at the Renaissance Fest and says the first step in glass blowing is…

“The desire to overcome your fears to try it for the first time,” Haller said.

All the magic happens with a blow pipe and of course the furnace which heats up to 2-thousand degrees.

“It is a very fascinating process. It is like when you are working you become more inspired,” he said.

He demonstrated how you use the blow pipe to gather glass from the furnace, which basically contains hot glass—a mixture of silica and flux.

“You can literally get the glass to form together at these high temperatures,” he said.

The furnace shapes the glass and then you use what is called a “glory hole” to re-shape the glass.

“The glass cools very quickly so if it cools too much it becomes hard and stiff, so the glory hole extends the working time,” Haller said.

Throughout the process you can add more color by adding bits of glass.

“Use the pipe like it was a honey dipper, get a small amount of glass on end of it and you have a ball of molten glass,” he said.

And finally your work of art is put in the cooling oven for it to set. He also creates “concept series” with his glass art.

For more information about Haller Glass, click HERE.

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