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NEW ORLEANS— Lots of non-profits hope you’ll make a donation on “Giving Tuesday,”— a nationwide charity event.

One of the many local charities is the Catholic Community Foundation with the “#iGiveCatholic” campaign. Donations made help places like Ozanam Inn, which shelters the homeless. Generous donations provide food, clothing, bedding, and more.

In addition to non-profit ministries, “#iGiveCatholic” also raises funding for local Catholic Parishes, and schools.

Cory Howat, Executive Director of Catholic Community Foundation said, “We just want people to be generous. We want to see our community come alive. We have such a great community of generosity. Today’s a great day to take your resources and find some way to make an impact.”

Last year, “#iGiveCatholic” raised more than 1.2 million dollars.