Getting jobs filled in hospitality industry in time for Jazz Fest


NEW ORLEANS– With festival season approaching in the next few months, the hospitality industry needs to be ready for the influx of visitors to New Orleans.

“Jazz Fest is like a Super Bowl. It is going to impact the economy well over $400-million dollars. It is a very important impact for the economy, and we are very excited that Jazz Fest is back,” Mark Romig, Chief Marketing Officer for New Orleans & Co. said.

There is currently thousands of jobs available at local hotels, restaurants, bars, and other jobs in the hospitality industry.

“If we’re going to be welcoming people into the community, we want to be running on all cylinders. To be running on all cylinders, we need to be having hotels, restaurants, and other attractions all fully staffed. There are positions available now, and you can find a job and really enjoy a great industry and be part of something special,” Romig said.

Over at the Hotel Fontenot, a new hotel in downtown New Orleans they are looking to fill several positions in housekeeping, security, baristas, bartenders, and supervisors.

“We want to support and take care of our community by offering growth and development through our hospitality industry. In New Orleans we take care of one another. We want to get our teams on board, get them trained, so that they can take care of our visitors and showcase what an amazing place New Orleans really is,” Jesseca Malecki, General Manager of Hotel Fontenot said.

“There is a great need out there. The hotels, restaurants and attractions have expressed their need to us, and we are doing all we can to help them fill those jobs. The operations will operate as they can with the staff they have and we ask that people understand that we’re going to do our best to provide the best level of hospitality when visitors come to the City of New Orleans,” Romig said.

For a listing of jobs in the hospitality industry in New Orleans, click HERE.

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