Get ready for Pirate Day in Bay St. Louis

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BAY ST. LOUIS, MS – Pirates looking for buried treasure are set to invade Bay St. Louis this weekend.

The annual Pirates on the Bay event starts with a members party today and continues with a pub crawl tomorrow.

For $20, participants will get 13 drinks in 30 different bars

The mayor of Bay St. Louis has buried some “treasure” somewhere in the town, according to John Rossetti of the Mystic Krewe of the Seahorse.

“There’s about $1,000 worth of treasure in the treasure chest and it does go to the winner because each bar has a clue to help you find the treasure,” Rossetti said.

And while it may seem like just fun games, the event is designed to help spur economic development in Bay St. Louis.

“Our krewe was founded as a nonprofit,” Rossetti said. “Our mission statement was to economic development for Bay St. Louis. After Katrina we had to do something. We have fundraisers and give proceeds to charities. And the third statement of our mission is to tell the true story of pirates. The true story is that there was a battle on the Seahorse vessel to fight the British to give Andrew Jackson time to save New Orleans and, as we say, save the world.”

Get out there and see if you can find that hidden treasure!

On Saturday, the event kicks off at 11 a.m.


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