Get hooked with a ‘Local Catch’


Catch of the Day is from Louisiana

NEW ORLEANS – The seafood you see on your plate could be swimming right out of Louisiana waters.

It could come from right around the corner.

And some folks want to make sure that happens.

When it comes to seafood, shop local.

Local Catch is the name of the movement to get you going in that direction.

WGNO’s Bill Wood wants you to meet a couple of fish lovers working to make it happen.

One is Harlon Pearce.

Every year, more than five million pounds of fish pass through Harlon’s hands.

That happens at his Harlon’s LA Fish in Kenner, Louisiana.

Harlon sounds like a preacher delivering a seafood sermon.

He says, “without Louisiana seafood, where would we be in New Orleans? Nowhere.”

“Louisiana seafood is what makes this city, what makes this state, keeps us going,” Harlon says.

The state’s seafood movement has another minister of the menu.

He’s Al Copeland, Jr.

He’s from the family who gave the world Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen.

Al now runs his own group of restaurants, Copeland’s of New Orleans.

He’s also a big believer in buying local seafood.

“That’s right”, Al says, “Copeland’s takes pride in being local, been local and locally in business for 38 years and when we buy local, we support the entire community.”

Louisiana is already famous for seafood.

So, no need to fish for compliments.

Not when what you catch comes from right here.

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