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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – It’s official: Earl Benjamin and Michael Robinson exchanged vows in a New Orleans courtroom and made history Monday.

Same-sex marriage supporters have been celebrating since Friday’s announcement of the Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage nationwide. Brittani Adams of Unique Weddings in New Orleans says her company is no stranger to same-sex commitments.

“It’s super exciting. We’ve waited for it. I think it’s important for the city. Now same sex couples can come and be married and be legally married,” says Adams.

And when it comes to the economics of love, legalizing gay marriage puts icing on the wedding cake.

“On average we do 50-55 weddings a year, and one or two are same sex, whereas now I think it will be 10 or 15 a year. I think it’s gonna be huge for all parts of the industry, not just the planners but also the videographers, the caterers, the venues, etcetera,” says Adams.

And it could also mean financial gain for anyone in love.

The New Orleans Hotel Collection is holding a “Love Wins” wedding giveaway sweepstakes. Two couples, same sex or opposite, will win a celebration, one at the Bourbon Orleans hotel and one at Hotel Mazarin.

The event planning company Clandestine New Orleans also is marking the ruling with a deal: “Actually over the weekend I created a little promotion on Facebook and we’re offering 10 percent off for the next month to anyone who contacts us. They don’t have to get married within this month. They’ll have at least a year if not more,” explains company founder, Kelley Troia.