Gallery: It was a carbecue, and you were invited!

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SLIDELL, La. (WGNO) — Saturday afternoon, the smoke that rose over Slidell brought fire trucks to a parking lot at Bayou Lane and Pennsylvania Avenue. Firefighters found a car with the interior engulfed in flames.  Not only was it just a training exercise, but the public was invited to watch. Chief Chris Kaufmann explained to the crowd about his department’s procedures and precautions for car fires.  Not only must firefighters check the car’s interior, trunk, and under the hood once the flames are out, they must also make sure they don’t park the fire truck so close that the heat damages it. So what do you use to start a car fire for a training exercise?  Check the photo gallery below to see that and other highlights of the demonstration.
After the demonstration, kids were allowed to get some hands-on time aboard one of the fire trucks. Firefighters say they’re planning another demonstration next month to show how they free people who are trapped in cars after crashes, and you’re invited to that one too!  We’ll pass along the details on our Facebook page as soon as they’re available.


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