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NEW ORLEANS— While most young kids will spend they’re carefree days in the park this summer, some will be entering the classrooms in kindergarten. During the pandemic, the non-profit developed an in-home program to get these little tykes ready.

Kim Fischer, National Spokesperson for said, “Our philanthropic partners who sponsor these programs came to us and said, ‘Is there something we can do during the summer to make sure that children don’t experience learning loss?’

The program they developed is called Waterford Upstart and it’s being offered free to up to 500 families in Louisiana. The program includes a free laptop, and free internet, the software to help get your child reading on an intermediate kindergarten level, and a family coach to help you all along.

“Our program is only 20 minutes so what’s happening outside of the program is vitally important,” said Fischer.

As for how this all works with your child, consider it screen time with a good purpose.

According to Fischer, “It’s kinda like a fun game for the child. They don’t really understand that they’re learning which is what makes this program so great. There are songs, there are games, they’re shooting little letters on logs. Things that make them feel like they’re playing a game, but at the same time they’re learning. They’re learning they’re fundamentals for literacy.”

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