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COVINGTON (WGNO)– Former St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Jack Strain, who a jury found guilty back in November on all eight counts of sex crimes including aggravated rape was set to be sentenced today, but his sentencing date was moved.  
 A new sentencing date was set for February 22nd here at the St. Tammany Parish Justice Center at 9 am…This gives the state and defense both time to gather key information regarding Strain’s finances before the sentencing.
Here’s a recap… today the defense brought up issues with inconsistencies and prejudicial errors in regards to witness testimonies in the initial trial.  Presiding Judge Bruce Simpson of LaFourche Parish denied all motions for a new trial, despite the defense’s pressing…but it got really interesting when Prosecutors are NOW asking Strain to pay restitution to victims for counseling, cost of prosecution, and cost of Strain’s incarceration, which Judge Simpson said “that could be a significant amount of money.”  Judge Simpson said it is important to gather Strain’s financial records and assets to see if Strain and his dependents will be able to pay without it causing an undue burden.  By February 15th, the financial records must be presented. 
Collin Sims, Chief of Criminal for 22nd Judicial District Attorney said, “This was not an ordinary case, there’s a code of provision in the law, that allows us to pursue these things and we’re pursuing it in conjunction with the law.” 
The Department of Corrections will also need to access the cost of housing Strain in prison, depending on whatever sentence Strain gets.   Strain could face life in prison for all the eight counts he was found guilty on.