SLIDELL (WGNO)— On Monday the St. Tammany Parish Department of Utilities conducted a chlorine burn in the Cross Gates water system for those folks living in the Cross Gates subdivisions.

With the chlorine burn some residents may notice that their water is cloudy or discolored and the water may smell strong.

“They put signs out letting us know that there will be a chlorine burn,” Ronald Richard who lives in Cross Gates said.

Richard is aware of the chlorine burn and the precautionary boil water advisory because of it.

“I think they should go ahead and do this chlorine burn. I don’t think it is going to hurt anything. It can only help,” he said.

He feels it will help because many of the neighbors are concerned the water is contaminated and giving them rashes, something St. Tammany Parish leaders say is not the case.

“In the last year we performed around 280 tests, any test you can imagine was performed at Cross Gates and every single test came out clear,” Michael Vinsanau the Public Information Officer with St. Tammany Parish Government said.

With this chlorine burn they’ll be switching from the current chloramine disinfection to free chlorine disinfection. This could cause neighbors to experience eye and or skin irritation similar to swimming pools.

Still leaders say the water is safe to drink.

For folks like Ronald, he hasn’t noticed anything significantly different about the water, but he is still going to be extra careful.

“Basically we will be drinking bottled water. If we do take a shower, we will take a quick shower. We are just hoping this does the job and it gets everything straight,” Richard said.

This chlorine burn will last for the next 60 days with regular monitoring by St. Tammany Parish.

About 8,100 residents will be affected by the chlorine burn. This was recommended by Owen & White Consulting Engineering Inc.

Parish leaders feel this will help increase the trust in the water quality.

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