NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— There is a Carnival double header on the Uptown parade route tonight with the Krewes of Druids and Nyx rolling.

Ladders, tents, and chairs lined St. Charles Avenue as folks eagerly awaited tonight’s parades.

“Claiming our spot for Mardi Gras,” Jared Abazia, Tulane University student said.

Abazia and his Tulane Fraternity brothers secured a spot around 8 a.m. and they are following all the rules of securing a spot.

“Well we are making sure we aren’t in the path of the streetcar and we are not in the road, and we have our spot claimed out and we aren’t encroaching on anyone else,” Abazia said.

The City of New Orleans says residents aren’t allowed to rope off the neutral ground, sidewalks, or public property. Streetcar tracks must be clear. Residents should never leave ladders, tents, or grills on the neutral ground, curbs, or sidewalks overnight or they will be thrown out and ladders tents, and grills must be 6-feet from the curb.

“That makes major sense to me because it obstructs mobility,” Micah Rose, Parade-goer said.

Over at Superior Seafood which is at the center of it all, and they are making sure on busy parade nights that they are prepared.

“We added our balcony and more employees, people are checking wristbands, and more people are making sure the sidewalks are clear, extra security to make sure we have a clear walking path, so if anything were to happen,” John Michael Rowland, General Manager of Superior Seafood said.

As for parade-goers they just want to get the party started.

“Going to be a lot of fun, a whole week of partying ahead,” Abazia said.

“Always great to have the parades going on to bring everyone together,” Rose said.