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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— We are just hours away from ringing in 2022. Here in New Orleans for Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, we have the annual Fleur De Lis drop from on top of Jax Brewery.

Crowds are already flocking to the French Quarter, but are they even concerned with Omicron? WGNO’s Kenny Lopez takes us to the French Quarter.

Fireworks popping and the Fleur de Lis dropping will light up the night ringing in 2022 in the French Quarter, but it’s hard not to be aware that we’re still dealing with a COVID fight.

“I’m a healthcare worker and I’m also at risk, so I try to be as safe as possible,” Jasmine Medina said.

Jasmine and Juan Medina are visiting from Chicago. They say they’ll be wearing masks because it is not only safe for them but to help protect others.

“It is kind of scary. Trying to do all that I can to avoid getting sick. Also in case I have something, not to spread it to someone else,” Jasmine Medina said.

“I also want to make people feel comfortable and safe, do my part by wearing masks,” Juan Medina said.

City leaders are recommending that folks in large crowds this new year’s wear masks and many people we did see are wearing masks but others aren’t and they said they are okay because they are vaccinated.

“I’m not wearing a mask because I am vaccinated and I had COVID already, but I support those who are wearing masks,” Ford Coleman, who’s visiting from Atlanta said.

Regardless of vaccination status, health experts say masks are extremely helpful and should be worn in large crowds.

“I’m not afraid because I’ve been boosted, so I feel good about it, I just plan on wearing masks in large crowds,” Erin Barba, who’s visiting from California said.

And these visitors say New Orleans sure knows how to let the good times roll, but safely.

“Been into restaurants and they’ve asked for COVID cards and masks are being worn, so it has been great,” Barba said.

“I’ve had to use vaccinations card to get into every bar. I think they are doing a good job of taking the right measures in the City. New Orleans is just a great place to be for New Year’s Eve,” Coleman said.

In 2016, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve started broadcasting LIVE from New Orleans. In 2017, they started dropping the brand new 100 pound, 6-foot LED Fleur De Lis at Midnight.

WGNO’s Kenny Lopez was LIVE from atop of Jax Brewery with this update below: