BOURG, La. — South Terrebonne’s Landon Aucoin carries a 4.3 GPA and scored a 23 on the ACT.

“School comes first. Without the grades, I wouldn’t even be able to play out here. So, just making sure that stays first is my main priority,” says South Terrebonne senior Landon Aucoin.

Landon was able to maintain that standard in the months following Hurricane Ida, playing both football and baseball, while South Terrebonne students were displaced to the campus of HL Bourgeois.

“It was a lot harder because we’d practice and wouldn’t get home until after 10 o’clock some nights. So, staying up late and getting in the studying is a lot harder than what it is now that I live 5 minutes from the school versus 45 minutes,” says Aucoin.

Landon was able to overcome those obstacles and help South Terrebonne win a Class 4A baseball state title.

He’s carried that momentum into the fall of 2022 as a senior on the Gators football team.

“The reason you get into coaching, not just football but coaching in general, you want to be around great people. He’s a great teammate. He’s a great example for people but he’s also a great example for people within the school. He leads by example and besides that, he’s a good football player. (He) is a leader for us on the football field and we rely on him to do a lot of things. You talk defense, special teams, and anything that we need to, you know that he’s the guy we can turn to,” says South Terrebonne head football coach Aaron Babin.

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