Flight, hotel, food, tickets… We broke down the cost for two people to attend the CFP Championship Game.

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NEW ORLEANS - It's going to be a big weekend because of the big game, and it's going cost you some big money!

For a weekend for two, round trip tickets from Greenville, South Carolina to MSY will run you about $400.

To get downtown from the airport will cost you $36. It's the same whether you take a cab or a ride share, but don't forget to tip!

Getting to the Superdome from any of the hotels downtown will be around $8.

Hotel prices vary on depending on where you stay. Wanting a little extra pizzazz? The Ritz-Carlton has rooms for around $600 a night.

But if you want to save money, Holiday Inn Downtown is $180 per night.

Are you hungry yet? Add in food for four days you're here - for two people it's about $150 a day, cocktails included (it is New Orleans of course!)

But that involves some hardcore budgeting.

Now the big day, the Championship Game in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Monday.

For just one ticket in the nosebleeds, you'll be paying just shy of $900.

So, the grand total?

Going the economy route, a weekend for two can be done for a little more than $4,000.


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