Fleurty Girl now selling a ‘Dumpster Gator’ sticker


NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— The infamous “Dumpster Gator” has become the talk of the town, and now has a Fleurty Girl decal sticker to honor the mysterious gator that ended up in an an Uptown Demo Diva dumpster a few weeks ago.

The popular store Fleurty Girl posted the “Dumpster Gator” sticker on its Instagram page today.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, the “dumpster gator” became a sensation in Uptown New Orleans on Perrier Street and Upperline Street.

The “dumpster gator” shocked neighbors who wondered how the dead alligator ended up in a Demo Diva dumpster.

As to how the alligator ended up in the dumpster is still a mystery?

WGNO’s Kenny Lopez contacted Demo Diva and the owner Simone Bruni went by to check out the “dumpster gator.”

Bruni told Lopez that the alligator would be going to the landfill along with the other debris and trash in the dumpster.

But before doing so, she put a flower on the gator’s body as a sign of respect for the animal.

Neighbor Naomi Gadinsky did in fact see the bright pink Demo Diva dumpster with the alligator inside being taken away.

Watch the original story about the “Dumpster Gator below:

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