NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— On Mardi Gras morning Tulane Police Officers say a fight erupted when the security at “The Boot” bar on Broadway and Zimpel Streets wouldn’t let a customer inside. He then stabbed or cut five people.

The bar is near both Loyola University and Tulane University. Tulane University students like James Cawley, a Senior, are still talking about the scary stabbing that happened outside “The Boot” on Mardi Gras morning.

“As a student here, it makes you weary. It is a shame that the period on the end of the sentence left a sour taste in everyone’s mouth after a genuinely successful and high-spirited weekend,” Cawley said.

Staff at “The Boot” said that no bar customers were injured. Tulane Police say the suspect who’s name has not been released yet was arrested on the scene.

“When it unfolds like this and they were able to catch the guy right away, you can sleep better at night,” he said.

James says he left “The Boot” moments before the stabbing, but it still freaked him out.

“You’re just trying to find out where your friends are, who’s safe and who’s un-safe. I knew 20 of my good friends were still milling about on the street. They say don’t bring a gun to a knife fight, don’t bring a knife to a bar fight,” he said.

Multiple EMS agencies responded quickly to give medical assistance.