First mate testifies on day two of the Seacor Power hearing


HOUMA, La. (WGNO) — All eyes were on Bryan Mires as he described the heartbreaking moments when the Seacor Power ship capsized on April 13. Choking up, Mires testified that the weather conditions quickly deteriorated, and that in a matter of moments, he was flung into the Gulf, clutching a floatation device to stay afloat.

The NTSB and United States Coast Guard intently listened as they work on a report explaining the tragedy.

“What was really the most helpful was his recount of the moments leading up to the capsizing and as it was capsizing, really going through all those details,” said United States Coast Guard Captain Tracy Phillips.

Mires said he attempted to call out to his crew mates while at sea, but heard no response. At one point, Mires described a rope wrapped around his legs as he tried to keep his head above water, using a knife in his pocket to break free. 

Mires testimony largely focused on the severity of the weather, and when asked what could have been done differently to prevent a tragedy like this from happening again he said, in part:

“More communication with the office about weather, maybe getting in the habit of checking weather, not just relying on somebody else.”

Six crew members died in this tragedy and seven others remain missing nearly three months later. The hearing will resume Wednesday morning and a United States Coast Guard Deputy Command Officer is expected to testify. The hearing will continue into late next week.

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