Fired charter school principal says he would ‘exact a bloody revenge’


Screen shot of former Crescent Leadership Academy Principal Nicholas Dean speaking in YouTube video.

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NEW ORLEANS – A former Orleans Parish charter school principal now says he would “exact a bloody revenge” on the “hostile media” if he could.

Nicholas Dean lost his job as principal of Crescent Leadership Academy after photos surfaced of him wearing rings associated with white nationalists and Nazis.

Dean was also photographed standing besides a Confederate flag amid a group of protesters angered by the removal of four Confederate-era statues that had been declared a public nuisance by the City Council.

Writing as Nick Dean Andrews for a blog called Right Source Media, Dean vented his anger and frustration at his termination and the current state of his life in a June 11 entry entitled “They.”

Decrying his “shackled wrists,” Dean writes that the claim that the rings he was wearing in the video are “Nazi SS rings” is a lie that ended his professional life, which he said is in “smoldering ruins.”

“…I turn my face in anger…To the hostile media, the fake news, whores of clickbait: Your rush to judgement has destroyed more lives than you can count,” Dean writes. “The total number of likes, shares, and views you lust for have destroyed a good and well-meaning life. You don’t look back to see the debris your tornado left in its wake. If I had nothing to lose, which I do, I would indeed exact a bloody revenge.”

Dean then goes on to assail the “leftist progressives” that he calls “limp-wristed day-dreamers” for indulging in lives of red wine, pills, loneliness, self-gratification, and pornography, as well as the “neo-cons on the right,” who he writes are “being played like a fiddle” by “Jews.”

“I’ve been labeled Alt-Right. If that label is something they vaguely recognize as a threat, I will gladly accept it,” Dean said.

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