NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Family members and supporters of the woman who was murdered and dismembered are calling on a magistrate court commissioner to revoke the suspect’s bond.

Benjamin Beale, also known as Kelley Kirkpatrick, was booked on January 14 with second-degree murder in the death of Julia Dardar.

A group, which included Julia’s husband Micah Dardar and their two daughters, gathered in front of New Orleans City Hall Tuesday morning.

The group worries that now that Beale has retained counsel, Beale’s attorneys will try to lower their bond during a hearing on Wednesday.

“We demand that the magistrate [court commissioner], [Robert] Blackburn, take into consideration the fact that Beale has threatened the lives of many people in New Orleans, including threatening dismemberment,’ said Ashley, who did not disclose her last name because she feared for her safety, mentioning that she is also a victim of Beale’s.

Ashley founded the “Justice for Julia & Safety 4 All” Facebook group.

The “Justice for Julia & Safety 4 All” group started an online petition in hopes the magistrate court commissioner will revoke the $1.4 million bond.

The group also fears Beale’s family has the means to bail him out of jail.

“[The petition is] signed by almost 1,000 residents, demanding that Benjamin Beale be held without bail,” called Ashley.

Julia’s husband believes many lives are at risk if Beale is released.

“[I] fear for my own [life], my daughters’ [lives],” said Micah.

“This is beyond bizarre that someone could do something of the magnitude that he did and be possibly released back onto the streets.”

Julia’s supporters say their message is clear.

“This man is a murderer, not only a murderer, but he’s demented and demonic,” insisted Micah. “He has to be brought to justice, and he can’t be ever let out again. He’s an animal.”

The bond hearing is scheduled for 3 p.m. on Wednesday.

Beale remains in jail.