NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— Today marks the third anniversary since the Hard Rock Hotel building collapsed in Downtown New Orleans, leaving three construction workers dead.

Now three years later many questions still remain for the families of those victims. Will they be compensated? Will any charges be brought forth against the construction company?

District Attorney Jason Williams says he will update us when the information is available.

A scary sight—with smoke, rubble, debris all flying through the air on that horrible day—October 12th 2019.

A bystander said, “People went running. The building came down.”

Three years later, the building is gone and it is not just a deserted lot with a fence surrounding it. It is very quiet compared to three years ago, but families of the three construction workers who died in the collapse aren’t being silent. They want their voices to be loud in regards to getting justice.

“I ask about the criminal side of all this and at this point there are no answers,” Angela Magrette said.

Angela Magrette’s twin brother—Anthony Magrette died in the collapse along with Jose Arreola, and Quinyon Wimberly.

“I want them to know he wasn’t just a brother. He wasn’t just an uncle. He was a friend to anyone,” she said.

But one she says she doesn’t feel is acting like a friend or leader should is Mayor LaToya Cantrell, especially with the way the rescue efforts were handled.

“Mayor Cantrell doesn’t deserve to be Mayor. She should be out of there. To me the Mayor is the mother of the city and she left my brother like he was trash,” Magrette said.

That’s why Angela is a strong supporter of the on-going recall efforts of Mayor Cantrell.

“We had a search and rescue team that were some of my brother’s friends. They wouldn’t let them go in. He died alone because of Mayor Cantrell. I don’t think I could ever forgive,” Magrette said.

There will be a memorial service for Anthony Magrette this Saturday at Noon at Mel Ott Park.

John F. Lawson with the Mayor’s Office of Communications released a statement in response to Angela Magrette’s comments:

“While we most certainly understand the family’s continued grief, the recent comments describing the City’s response efforts are inaccurate.”

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