GALLIANO, La. (WGNO) — When Taniqua and Terrance Poindexter want to spend time with their children, this is where they have to come: Cheramie Cemetery.

Their son, 13-year-old Tyron Poindexter, was shot and killed last year. This week, they laid their daughter, 15-year-old Breonna, to rest just feet away from Tyron’s grave.

“Everything is different every day. The feelings are different, the anger is different, the hurt is different, the heartbreak is different. It’s just not something I would wish on my worst enemy to deal with this,” said Taniqua Poindexter, Breonna and Tyron’s mom.

Breonna’s loved ones remember her as the jokester, the girl who was always the center of attention, but last week her life was tragically cut short by what the sheriff’s office says is a suspected fentanyl overdose.

“This just had to be the first time. She asked for a Percocet, and I just feel like if she had known what a Percocet even looked like, she would’ve knew that a small, round blue pill wasn’t a Percocet,” said Poindexter.

18-year-old Blayne Terrebonne was arrested in connection with Breonna’s death and the overdose of another juvenile. What breaks the family’s heart even more is that Terrebonne was a close friend of Breonna’s.

“I really think she trusted him and thought that he was giving her what he said,” said Poindexter.

Breonna’s family demanding justice for her death.

“I think that he should pay for what he did. You can’t bring back somebody’s family member, you can’t bring back somebody’s life,” said Alexia Curole, Breonna’s sister.

Her mom and dad have this message for other parents.

“Sit these kids down and let them know that you can’t experiment with drugs in 2022 because you not waking up the next day,” said Terrance Poindexter, Breonna’s dad.

The Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office says two additional arrests have been made in connection to last week’s overdoses, 21-year-old Anthony Francis and 18-year-old Sergio Perez.