Fab Lab is fabulous laboratory


And it's a factory for saving lives

NEW ORLEANS – In a crisis, you can create almost anything.

Inside a laboratory at New Orleans Delgado Community College, there’s one word to describe what’s being created.

The word: fabulous.

It’s a fabulous laboratory.

The Fab Lab.

WGNO’s Good Morning New Orleans Bill Wood has been to the lab.

The “Fab” in Fab Lab actually is short for fabrication.

That means people in the lab are making something.

That something is face masks for the pandemic.

And as you’ll see, they face masks are nothing short of fabulous.

It’s happening because of money from Chevron, the company that believes in making a difference in communities.

The Fab Lab is looking for you if you’d like to volunteer, all you have to do is click right here.


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