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NEW ORLEANS— On Tuesday, Sewerage and Water Board Chief Ghassan Korban said, “It’s no secret we face challenges when it comes to managing storm water.The drainage system is amazing for it’s size and ability, but it’s old drains clog, pumps break, and generators wear out”

Korban was speaking at an unveiling of an effort by several local non-profits of an initiative aimed at getting citizens involved with water management in New Orleans.

Andy Kopplin heads the Greater New Orleans Foundation and he says that we can all play a part in the solution of a drier city.

According to Kopplin, “If we can do things in our own yards to remove the pavement, and the concrete, plant more trees, more rain gardens. Even have rain barrels to catch the water out of your downspouts.

Rain garden at the Treme Center (WGNO-TV)

You’re probably thinking that even 7 rain barrels would not have helped with Wednesday’s flash flooding, but Kopplin said, “The truth is is that some rain storms are gonna be really, really heavy, but if each of had 7 rain barrels that would actually collect a lot of water and slow that flow down.”

Certainly GNOF is not suggesting that anyone gets 7 barrels, but they do suggest that we visit to see how we can all slow the flow of water and in doing so we’re assisting in the effort to keep us dry.

“It’s a collective responsibility. They’ve got their job at the sewer and water board, and as individuals and citizens and families, we’ve got our job,” said Kopplin.