Even burying a loved one in NOLA a challenge during a pandemic

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NEW ORLEANS— One of the most difficult times that families face is saying a final goodbye to a loved one. It turns out that coronavirus pandemic is even affecting how we do this.

Obviously there are no jazz funerals n our streets these days but the folks over at the Charbonnet Funeral Home say that there are other challenges as well.

“We can’t have any wakes or anything like that. No public visitations and if it’s public visitation, it has to be in and out. It can’t be any more than 50 people at any one time, and we’re trying to encourage people to have graveside services, but even then they don’t want to with more than 10 people,” said Louis Charbonnet.

We also spoke with the Rhodes Funeral Home and they told us that even with these current restrictions, they’re committed to serving the families of New Orleans as best they can.


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