NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Emeril Lagasse’s flagship restaurant is reopening after major renovations and the appointment of a new, young chef. A chef who learned from the best!

Starting Oct. 24, Emeril’s restaurant will have its grand reopening. The restaurant is staying true to tradition, but it’s adding some contemporary flair.

“It is an absolute joy to be back at the family restaurant, the Legasse flagship, invoke some of the passion we had when we opened it 33 years ago,” said the son of chef Emeril Lagasse EJ Lagasse.

EJ Legasse looks like his famous dad, and even inherited his dad’s incredible culinary skills. Now, at 20 years old, he is ready to carry on that legacy.

“You know the restaurant was established when I was a kid,” he said.

Emeril’s opened in 1990 before EJ Lagasse was even born.

“I hear these great stories about them putting the finishing paint on the walls before guests were coming in the doors,” he said.

After being closed for several months for major renovations, this young chef is putting his own finishing touches.

“We took the place down to the brick and the sheetrock. We want the focus to be on a smaller number of tables, so we can pay hyper attention to our guests,” he said.

Of course, the focus will also be on the food with two menus, one classic and one seasonal.

“I kind of jokingly talk about the classic being like the greatest hits album,” EJ Lagasse said.

While he gets his culinary inspiration from around the world, there’s nothing like Louisiana ingredients.

“There’s a farm in Independence, Louisiana called ‘Cicada Calling’ and we use them for herbs and okra that we put in our gumbo,” he said.

For EJ Lagasse, it is a real collaboration with his chefs like his Chef Du Cuisine Joshua Adamo.

“When we see a picture of a dish at a table, you want to look at it, and know that you are at Emeril’s,” Adamo said.

So BAM! You got a new day at Emeril’s!

“There was no reason to throw a stick of dynamite and see what happens,” EJ Legasse said.

For now, Emeril’s is reservations only. Emeril’s is located at 800 Tchoupitoulas St.

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