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NEW ORLEANS – Ellen DeGeneres has a Valerie Sassyfras song stuck in her head.

DeGeneres featured a video of Sassyfras, a local New Orleans artist, performing her song “Girls Night Out.”

“There’s this video I saw last week, and I cannot get this out of my head,” DeGeneres said.

In the video, Sassyfras can be seen performing her original song, complete with expressive dance moves, on a small stage set up in a backyard.

The camera pans around as Sassyfras sings the somewhat ribald lyrics to her song, and it becomes evident that Sassyfras is performing at what appears to be a child’s birthday party.

“Being horny and lazy is a real problem,” DeGeneres says of the chorus of Sassyfras’ song. “It’s a bad mix, really.”

Jersey Shore cast member Pauly D, serving as the guest DJ for DeGeneres’ show, seems to think the setting was wrong for that particular song.

“Her agent booked her in the wrong crowd,” Pauly D said. “It’s not her right crowd.”

“No, it’s a children’s birthday party,” DeGeneres replied.

Sassyfras, who has been making waves locally for her unique and expressive live performances, will take the stage at the House of Blues on Saturday, April 14, at 4 p.m. during the French Quarter Festival.