Edwin Edwards’ Galatoire’s waiter talks about the times he spent at the iconic restaurant


NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Edwin Edwards’ connection to New Orleans was strong. He married his wife, Trina here in 2011. They celebrated at the iconic French Quarter restaurant Galatoire’s. WGNO’s Kenny Lopez talked with a waiter at Galatoire’s who served Edwards over the years.

John Fontenot’s been a waiter at Galatoire’s since 1967. He waited on former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards several times throughout the years because Galatoire’s was one of his favorite restaurants.

“Edwin Edwards was a great guy. He didn’t use profanity, a real nice guy, told jokes, you had to like him, if you didn’t like him there was something wrong with you,” Fontenot said.

He remembers when Edwards married his wife Trina in 2011, and their wedding reception was at Galatoire’s.

“The wedding was big and first-class. They had all the food, lamb, soft shell crab, souflee potatoes, fried eggplant. The reception was a big thing,” he said.

But there was one thing Edwards always ordered, “Iced tea. That’s all he drank. You couldn’t get him to drink alcohol. No smoking and no drinking,” Fontenot stated.

He will always remember how captivating the former Governor was.

“He attracted a lot of people. He was like a movie star. Everyone looked at him. He stuck out like a sore thumb,” Fontenot said.

Fontenot added that serving someone who served our state was truly an honor.

“I was proud he was Governor. One of the best Governors we’ve ever had,” he said.

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