Edwards VS Rispone: The Race for Governor

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BATON ROUGE – Louisiana’s incumbent Governor John Bel Edwards will officially participate in a Gubernatorial runoff.

“I’ll make this promise to you, I’ll be back up here November the 16th,” said Edwards.

The Governor ending the Primary Election with 46% of majority votes. Just shy of the 50% needed to win the race out right.

Edwards will run against Republican opponent Eddie Rispone, who ended the night in second place with 27% of majority votes.

“Our very best days are still ahead here in Louisiana,” said Edwards.

Saturday’s election results come one day after President Donald Trump flew into Louisiana to host a rally in support of both Republican candidates Ed Rispone and Ralph Abraham. 

Governor Edwards was previously elected to office in 2015. During his term in office, he has expanded medicaid, increased education funding and balanced a budget deficit.

Many eyes will be watching in anticipation of the General Election. Who will come out on top as Louisiana’s next Governor? Make sure you cast your vote November 16th

“Let’s continue to put Louisiana first. 5 weeks, that’s all we got. Let’s work together to make sure that happens. I ask for your support, your vote. ” said Edwards as he ended the night.

For final results of the primary election visit http://geauxvote.com


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