Educator Peter Wenstrup qualifies for Louisiana U.S. Senate race

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BATON ROUGE – On Thursday July 23rd, Peter Wenstrup, teacher and Democrat, traveled to Baton Rouge to qualify for the U.S. Senate race in Louisiana. 

After more than a decade of empowering students in Louisiana classrooms, Wenstrup has earned the trust of students, families, colleagues, and community members for his service and hopes to do the same as a candidate and senator. 

As a teacher who has been on the front lines with his community during the pandemic, Wenstrup has decided to run for office because the currents against his students and their families are too strong. We need leadership in Washington that will be focused less on fighting for their careers and more on finding real solutions. That means putting trusted members of the community in office.

“Through my work as a teacher, I’ve learned that the talent in the desks always outweighs the talent at the chalkboard. We’ve seen that during this pandemic, as small business owners, nurses, teachers, food service employees, and supply chain workers have improvised to find real solutions. It’s about time we elect leaders who understand this, and that is why I, a teacher, am running for the U.S. Senate.”

“In the classroom, I cultivated a culture that elevated student voices. I wanted to hear students debating, supporting, explaining, and convincing. That’s how democracy should work – not leaders we send to Washington and never hear from.”

“When I took the lead of the baseball team at Walter L. Cohen High School, we had nothing in the way of facilities. I gathered together members of the community, brought in a few pick-up trucks full of concrete and dirt, and built a batting cage and pitcher’s mound. We need that kind of can-do attitude in Washington.”

To learn more about Peter Wenstrup and his dedication to serving and empowering the people of Louisiana, visit, or follow the campaign on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Medium


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