Eddie Rispone gives his concession speech

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Baton Rouge: With John Bel Edwards winning a second term as governor, Baton Rouge businessman, and Republican challenger Eddie Rispone is sent home.

Although Rispone put up a battle till the end.

Losing by a little more than one percent of the vote.

He had the backing of President Donald Trump, who visited the state three times over the last five weeks.

Vice President Mike Pence also made several stops to Louisiana drumming up support for Rispone.

But, in the end he had to give the concession speech.

“you put a lot of your treasure into this. You put a lof of your heart. You were doing it for the right reasons. We’ll continue that. We’re going to work in this state. And we’re going to make sure that one day that this state can be the best state it can possible be, and not be last,” Rispone said in front of his tearful family.

The president’s Twitter account was quiet about Louisiana after the results of the election.


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