‘Drumsville’ shines a light on the New Orleans beat

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NEW ORLEANS-- The New Orleans drummer takes center stage in a new exhibit called Drumsville at the New Orleans Jazz Museum, and the exhibit tells the whole story of our unique drumming style.

Greg Lambousy, director of the museum says, "Starting in congo square, that's where it all began to moving through the19th century into jazz and into rock and roll, all the way up to now"

From the original drum kit of the great Baby Dodds, the exhibit showcases pioneers, and the rich history of beating on skins from Shannon Powell, to Benny Jones, to Zigaboo Modeliste, to Joe Lastie.

Benny Jones of the Treme Brass Band says, "It's a great honor for me to see myself on the wall, because that tradition's been passed down through my family. My father was a drummer, my uncle was a drummer, my brother was a drummer and I came out of a neighborhood where a bunch of drummers were"

Drumsville is open at the museum until early next year, but that beat goes on in all of us.

"Rhythm here is something that is all a part of us. You can see it by the way everybody sings, everybody dances, and everyone walks. There is a certain distinct rhythm of New Orleans that's all in the DNA of New Orleans culture," said the museum's David Kunian.


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