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NEW ORLEANS – Drew Brees has teamed up with controversial anti-LGBTQ group Focus on the Family for a promotion.

The future hall of fame New Orleans Saints quarterback recorded a video for Focus on the Family’s upcoming “Bring Your Bible to School Day.”

“Hey guys, Drew Brees here,” Brees says in the promo. “One of my favorite verses in the bible is 2 Corinthians 5:7 ‘For we live by faith, not by sight,’ so I want to encourage you to live out your faith on Bring Your Bible to School Day, and share God’s love with friends. You’re not alone.” offers a free guide with easy tips on how to get started, downloadable posters, sticker and T-shirt designs, information on legal rights for all students who sign up through the program.

The annual event is designed “to express your belief in the truth of God’s Word–and to do so in a respectful way that demonstrates the love of Christ,” according to the website.

Participants are encouraged to share pictures from their schools on the event’s associated social media platforms.

Focus on the Family has become well known for promoting methods of “leaving homosexuality” designed to convert LGBTQ people to heterosexuality.

Groups like the Human Rights Campaign and the Southern Poverty Law Center have strongly chastised Focus on the Family for its anti-LGBTQ advocacy and well-funded campaigns against same-sex marriage.

In a 2015 interview, Dr. James Dobson, who founded Focus on the Family, spoke out strongly against same-sex marriage.

“It’s one of my greatest concerns,” Dobson said of the legalization of same-sex marriage. “It is actually linked to other things that are on my heart. I’m concerned about the institution of marriage and the family.”

Brees has spoken out against bullying, a major issue among the LGBTQ community, recording a video for New Orleans native Ellen Degeneres in 2010.

“Making fun of someone because they’re different from you, that’s not being tough, that’s being ignorant,” Brees said in that video. “Appreciating someone for how they are different from you, that’s what it takes to be a friend.”

As a frequent guest on The Ellen Show, Degeneres has expressed her support for Brees and his family many times in the past.

Brees has not yet commented on the controversy surrounding his recent promo and team up with Focus on the Family.