Doing what dad did. It’s a family affair for your shoes at the airport

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NEW ORLEANS –  It’s Father’s Day every day at New Orleans Louis Armstrong International Airport.

That’s because traveling in a hurry can leave you a little, well, unpolished.

But it doesn’t have to as WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood finds out.

At the New Orleans airport, Wayne Kendrick comes in for a landing.  Wayne is always arriving on time.

And he’s always ready to rise and shine.

Wayne Kendrick says, “well a shoeshine makes you feel good, look good and feel good.”

Wild Bill wonders, “if your shoes are not shined then what does that say about you?

Wayne says, “it ain’t good….it ain’t good.”

Turns out, it’s always good at the airport where Wayne Kendrick is the CEO of shoeshines.

The price tag is $5 a pair.

Wayne’s been at it for more than 30 years ever since he left his computer job with the city.  Nowadays they call him Uncle Wayne and Big Wayne and there’s another name Wayne Kendrick has come to be called by.

The mayor.

Why’s that?

Wayne explains, “because  I greet everybody when they come in.”

That’s why he is the mayor.

And he calls his two-seat city hall, Shoeshine Stand, Like New Number Two.

That makes Wild Bill wonder where Number One is.

It’s all the way at the other end of the airport.

And it’s run by Wayne’s big brother Darral.

Darral is the quiet Kendrick.  He’s the shoeshining sibling who simply remains silent.

Wayne is always talking. He talks to the man in the picture on his shoeshine stand.  That’s now 83-year-old Richard Kendrick, the brothers’ Dad and the original airport shoeshine man.

Now 83-year-old Richard Kendrick….retired as the original airport shoe shine man…..

The man who gave his sons the advice, “shine your shoes as if you had to wear it, then you know you make it look good, do that every time.”


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