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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – The locally produced documentary Zack and Addie is wowing audiences from New Orleans to Europe.  The film looks at the October 2006 murder-suicide involving a couple named Zack Bowen and Addie Hall.

“I think the film is first and foremost a romance.  It’s a horror movie.  It’s a film about natural disaster.  It’s a film about the media,” the film’s director, Rob Florence, told WGNO News.

The documentary has been screened at 17 festivals.  In Madrid, it won an award for editing.  In New Orleans, it shocked locals who had no idea the crime hit so close to home.

“When it was shown locally, people were kind of in awe that this was around the corner from them. Some of these folks that came to the New Orleans festival were like, ‘This is my backyard’,” the film’s director of photography, Brian Bruhn, told WGNO News.

More screening are coming up in the weeks and months ahead.  Eventually Bruhn and Florence hope to find a distributor for the film and bring it to outlets like Netflix.

For more information on screenings, visit the Zack and Addie website.

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