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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Perhaps you’ve heard about a new documentary called Zack and Addie.  It took the crew 8 years to make.  The film takes a close look at one of the highest profile crimes in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina.

Rob Florence is the director of the film and Brian Bruhn is the director of photography.  The documentary has been screened at festivals from New Orleans to Madrid, where it won an award for editing.

Zack and Addie profiles the October 2006 suicide of Zack Bowen and the murder of his girlfriend, Addie Hall.  Bowen left a suicide note leading police to the couple’s apartment where they found Hall’s dismembered body in pots and pans on the oven and in the stove.

Florence decided to make the documentary after a chance meeting with a woman named Margaret Sanchez.  She told him that she was friends with the couple.  Sanchez went on to appear in the film and talk about her relationship with Zack and Addie.

In the film, Sanchez talks about having nightmares about the killing.  She says she wonders if Addie actually killed herself, just as Zack did.

Click on the video link above to see clips from the documentary including many of Sanchez’s comments.

For more information on the film including its scheduled screenings, just head to the Zack and Addie website.

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