Director of SWBNO gives update on water main break and boil water advisory

Uptown resident Ashley Gullo peers at the giant hole that is her front yard.

NEW ORLEANS – Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans (SWBNO) Executive Director Ghassan Korban made a public appearance to address the reinstated boil water advisory.

Korban explained that the water main that broke is more than 100 years old, and it did not just crack.

He says an extremely large chunk of the main shot off, which is the reason for the massive amount of water that was pouring out.

“It was fairly remarkable how quickly our staff was able to isolate the main, and keep the rest of the network serviceable, and at high pressure,” said Koban. “Within a day, our crews respondent found a replacement piece, and if you can look in the hole, its fully replaced and it’s back online.”

Koban was honest in explaining that today’s reinstatement of the boil water advisory is the fault of the SWBNO.

“What happened earlier today, the pipe is empty, and we had to bring water into the empty pipe. What we suspect, and it is still under investigation, we suspect that we opened the valves on the active part onto the empty part, maybe too fast, causing a drop of pressure in the active part.”

Koban did say that because of the rigorous monitoring system that SWBNO is implementing now, they were able to instantly determine that the pressure dropped below 20 PSI.


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