Destrehan minister Jesse Duplantis, who wants $54M jet, fires back at critics: report


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Destrehan-based televangelist Jesse Duplantis, who made national headlines this week after he talked about his need for a new $54 million jet, said he “has never done anything wrong” and sought to clear up misconceptions in a brief interview with Good Morning America.

The preacher opened up about his need for a new jet on a weekly video message posted on the Jesse Duplantis Ministries website.

He said in the video that he has owned three jets and needs the new one so he can get anywhere in the world without stopping.

“There was a misnomer on that one. I said I’ve had three jets, I don’t have three jets,” he told “Good Morning America” Wednesday. “Two of them now are in other ministries. I only own one airplane now.”

He also told the ABC morning show that he hasn’t raised any money for the new plane. He also said he currently owns only one jet. The other two are now with other ministries.

“The reason I’m happy about it is because I haven’t done anything wrong, and I haven’t raised any money for that plane,” Duplantis said. “I just told people this: ‘I want y’all to believe with me for this plane. … I want people to believe with me.”

According to the St. Charles Herald, Duplantis’ home in Destrehan is a combined 35,000 square feet. It could be the largest in St. Charles Parish. That includes 22,039 square feet of living space 12,947 square feet of outdoor patios, garages and other amenities.

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