Destrehan man shot in his driveway following road rage incident


DESTREHAN, La. (WGNO) — Uncontrollable road rage leads to a suburban shooting. Police swarmed the 100 block of Villere Drive after neighbors say a man was shot in his own driveway.

“A guy behind him pulled up, and when they got out, they started arguing. And, you know, I was minding my own business at first, but then someone mentioned something about shooting someone. I went over to try to break it up. The guy had the gun in his hand and he held it right to his stomach and just shot him,” said eyewitness and neighbor Mike Wodarczyk,.

Wodarczyk identified his neighbor as Mike Woulfe. Wodarczyk says after Woulfe was shot, he continued trying to fight off the suspect.

“After he actually broke the guy’s window, trying to, you know, get to him, the guy shot twice more,” said Wodarczyk.

Wodarczyk says the shooter was an elderly man and that his wife was in the car with him during the altercation. Neighbors tell us this all allegedly happened because of a road rage incident that started on Ormand Boulevard.

“I heard them say something about side-swiping a car,” said Wodarczyk.

Other neighbors who know the Woulfe family say they’re horrified by the incident.

“This never happens in this neighborhood, never, ever,” said Linda Eichhorn.

Wodarczyk says the victims family was home when the shooting happened.

“The daughter and the wife they were really upset. I mean, who wouldn’t be, you know, she sees her husband come home and, you know, shot,” said Wodarczyk.

Wodarczyk says the suspect stayed on the scene and was arrested by police.

“He was kind of calm the whole time, you know, and his wife was very calm the whole time too. It was kind of strange,” said Wodarczyk.

Neighbors tell us they heard from the victim’s family that he is out of surgery and expected to be okay.

Police have not identified the shooter and the incident remains under investigation.

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