DARROW, La. (WGNO) — Fans of Houmas House Plantation and Gardens now have another reason to visit the destination on River Road in Ascension Parish: The Great River Road Museum.

“It brings another dimension to Houmas House, because now it’s not just about architecture and antiques, now it is about a full scope of history of the lower Mississippi River,” says Jesse Lambert, Marketing Manager for the attraction.

WGNO Reporter Stephanie Oswald and photographer Jeffrey Kent spent an afternoon soaking up the scenery and the history.

The museum is housed in one giant building, complete with a stage and an event space. The exhibits are laid out to flow like the Mississippi itself; visitors can tour the East Bank and the West Bank.

Paintings, relics and memorabilia tell a colorful and educational story, but a recent addition has brought the Museum to another level: a collection of 158 wax figures, made in France and previously on display in the French Quarter have landed here. Watch the video above to see what a difference they make!

Something else: a new handicapped-accessible bridge lets visitors walk over River Road safely to an observation deck on the levee. After you learn about life along the Mississippi, you can gaze out and watch the ships cruising by. Travel Tip: The sunset on the river makes for some beautiful photos.

Plan an an entire day, a weekend or an entire week here; in addition to the museum, the estate, and the gardens, there’s an Inn, elegant cottages, and several restaurants, including fine dining options. The new “Dixie Cafe” attached to the museum features a magnificent mural that once was on display at the Empire State building in New York City. Be sure to make time for a cocktail at The Turtle Bar.

For more information, click here to go to the Houmas House website.