Delivery man spots alligator outside Houma middle school

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HOUMA, LA – William Null was finishing up his delivery route when he noticed something strange in the parking lot of a local middle school.

It was a five foot alligator.

At first, Null said he wasn’t sure if the dark shape he was seeing in the parking lot of Elysian Fields Middle School was a water puddle or an alligator, but then it started to move.

“I’ve seen alligators on my route before, but not in a residential neighborhood,” he said. “There is a drainage ditch that runs behind the school, so I imagine that’s how he got there.”

Null stopped his truck and watched as the gator made its way across the street and across a yard toward a nearby park.

Like the school, the park was empty at the time, but Null didn’t want to take any chances.

He dialed 911 and reported the gator, and the police department sent out an animal wrangler.

But not before he snapped a few pictures that he posted to Facebook.

“Stay in school, kids. No, I mean it-stay in school!” Null wrote in his post.


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